Foxy Coffee Co. is a concept with years in the making. Our mission is simple; Love people, love coffee. We believe that the most important factor that determines quality is integrity, and we strive to implement that through out the entirety of the business. We purposefully try to maintain a transparent supply chain from seed to cup, and actively be part of social and economic change we believe in. 


We promise to:

  • Only source coffee from farms not using child/ slave labor.
  • Provide our employees with fair wages.
  • Only source green coffee that meets our quality standards.
  • Only sell freshly roasted coffee with specific roast date on bag.
  • Donate unused coffee to charities.
  • Contribute at least 10% of profit back into society via causes we believe in.


Our vision is to use coffee as a means for community. We believe that coffee is a catalyst to bring people together & to fuel social ideas. We want to be part of seeing our community come together and thrive.