Foxy Coffee Co is a small coffee roasting company based out of Portland, Or. The first thing you should know about us is that we are passionate about two things: People & Coffee. We love that coffee can be used as a catalyst to bring people together. Our business is about building relationships with our wholesale customers and playing a small part in helping build relationships between them & their clientele. 

 Like the larger majority of our peers in the craft coffee community, our focus is on providing ethically sourced quality coffee. We believe that all coffees are different and we spend time with each coffee to create a unique roast profile to best accent that coffees particular sweetness. 

As a coffee wholesaler we want to make sure that each of these coffees are well represented. We provide free training and consulting to our wholesale clients in order to assure that these coffees are brewed well and that our clients can be assured they are serving the best cup of coffee to their consumers.